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“In 1997 I was asked to help a good friend of mine run the business end of a bakery. I realized that I would have to learn his whole business in order to help him. After I got done working my other job I would stop by there for an hour a day. An hour became two hours and two hours became four. Before I knew it I was working my regular job and then going to his bakery to work on the production staff for another full shift.

Over the period of that year I realized that he could not produce enough product to be profitable. A bakery came up for sale in Southfield, MI and I purchased all of the equipment. The company was formed in March of 1998.  It took about a year of renovations, buying new equipment and build out, but finally we opened our doors as Bake Station Bakery  “The sweetest place there is” Michigan’s finest Kosher bakery in Southfield, MI in April 1999.

With the help of my wife Amy we opened our second location Bake Station Too in West Bloomfield, MI in 2006.  We began to receive many requests for nut-free products. In the beginning we would bleach down a certain area and make a nut-free product.  As the demand increased we decided to change our entire manufacturing facility and retail stores to be completely tree-nut and peanut free. In 2011 we had outgrown our space in West Bloomfield and made the decision to move a couple miles down the road. With the expertise of my wife Amy and her incredible design skills Bake Station Too in Farmington Hills, MI was open for business in December 2011. After moving our Bake Station Too location a good friend of mine asked if we could make any gluten free products for his grandchild. After many, many attempts we finally rolled out a new line of gluten free products. These products include, brownies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate mousse, and Pareve cheesecake.

In 2013 we partnered up with two long-term employees to open a third location known as Bake Station Too Bakery & Café in Oak Park.  Over the past 16 years my family along with the help of our dedicated long-term employees have worked very hard at becoming a bakery that happens to be Kosher and not just a Kosher Bakery. We are constantly changing our product line, adding seasonal items and trying to develop new recipes for you, our customer.  Stop by any of our locations where you will always be treated like family. We hope to see you soon!”

-Steve Katz


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