“Both of our kids have allergies that prevent them from eating most other bakery products... Bake Station is not only nut and dairy free, but it tastes delicious! Many of our extended family members now prefer Bake Station to any other bakery even though they don't have nut or dairy allergies!!” – Amy F.
“Peanut/tree nut free! Yay!!!” – Jennifer A.
“They are delicious!!” –Rebecca L.
‘”Thank you! My son was so excited to be able to eat at a bakery! We are so thankful.” – Shanna M.
“I wanted to cry because my daughters face went from fear to a nice calm. I am so thankful you guys exist!!” –Binks M.
“We feel blessed to have found your bakery! I cried and he felt just complete excitement! Being severely allergic to both dairy and nuts, we have never been able to walk in a bakery ever! He LOVED having his first donut ever! Thank you!!!” – Kelly B.
“My daughter was so excited to pick out fun cupcakes, cookies and donuts that were safe for her. The look on her face was priceless. Thank you!!” – Jennifer B.
“My daughter is pretty young, but she LOVED IT! I got tears in my eyes - I was over joyed! I can bake, but I need help in the cake decorating department. Thank you Bake Station!” – Jennifer A.
“Sheer awe and joy!!” – Tracy W.
“My son was so thrilled to be able to buy baked goods at a bakery! Our family is very thankful for your store!” – Kelly C.
“My daughter was ecstatic!!!!” – Debbie B.
“A little slice of heaven!!!” –Tina D.
“I'm so excited to find a Peanut/Tree Nut free bakery for my child! Thank you Bake Station!” -Jennifer A.
“Awesome!!” – Stephanie B.


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